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10'6" Surf Shack Wood Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Set

10'6" Surf Shack Wood Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Set

*Safety first. In addition to the conventional ankle leash, included in the package is a high-quality 'quick release' 10' long waist belt. You just pull the red toggle on the stainless steel release clip and you are detached from the board. This is superior to most of the quick-release belts on the market that rely on the belt webbing layers slipping over each other that we have tested on the water delaying the release process*      


High end, inflatable stand up paddle board. Very good quality - encompassing a fusion of double layers around a double drop-stitch core, recognised as the industry's leading construction process. The wood effect on the deck and bottom is a very attractive design - a far cry from your typical inflatable SUP.


Construction: FUSION DOUBLE SKINNED (Lighter than a standard, earlier double layer board method, giving you a solid ride)


Single layer & Double layer (2 layers glued on each other):
The construction layer in itself is airtight and is about 1.5 mm thick made from mesh and PVC. This normally consists of a single layer glued to a second layer of PVC on the construction layer. This is called in the industry "double layer" resulting in great stability, durability and robustness.

Fusion technology double layer:
However, with this board, in addition to glueing on a second layer; the construction layer has been made thicker, melting more PVC on it. This is called "Fusion technology" or "double layer light" or "double layer fusion" - This results in a stronger lighter board compared to its double skin counterparts


A great board for all levels and is very stable, strong and durable.


This board is suitable for sea, river or lake use.


We rigorously test a demonstration model of all our boards. This particular board has been strength and sea tested to ensure your satisfaction.


Please ask any questions you may have at any time.


What's in the box:

- ISUP gear backpack.

- Quick release waist belt leash

- Double action pump.

- Ankle safety leash.

- 3 piece adjustable paddle.

- 'D' rings to fit a Kayak seat.

- Dry bag to carry your car keys/mobile phone etc whilst on the water.

- Maintenance kit.


Optional extras:


- Fibreglass lightweight paddle.

- Double blade fibreglass lightweight SUP paddle. (Best of both worlds as your SUP paddle easily converts to Kayak paddle)

- Kayak seat. 


Try Before You Buy!

If you are local, visit Surf Shack at Cobb’s Quay Marina, Poole to take a demo model out on the water to see if this is the right paddleboard for you.

  • Size: 10'6" x 34" x 6" (320cm x 86cm x 15cm)

    Weight: 10kg

    Air pressure guide max: 15-18 PSI

    Max Payload: 180/200 kgs

£485.00 Regular Price
£395.00Sale Price
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