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Frequently Asked Questions

The most important consideration when determining whether a board is suitable for you is the internal volume. We calculate the internal volume of each board to guarantee individual suitability.

Another thing to consider is your experience level, generally, beginners are best opting for a larger sized board due to its stability.

Yes, all of the boards we sell include a paddle, pump, ankle leash, backpack and maintenance kit.

There are some optional extras that are not included in the original price, such as a kayak seat, lightweight dual-action paddle or a more heavy-duty pumps. Refer to the product listing for a full breakdown of the box’s contents.

Yes, paddle boarding is an activity many people can quickly get the hang of. For absolute beginners, we recommend starting off by kneeling on the board to get a feel for the way the board interacts with the water.

Then, when you feel ready, try standing up and position your feet in a similar spot, as your centre of balance when you were kneeling.

The weather and water conditions also play a massive part in how ‘easy’ paddle boarding can be. Particularly on the sea, the chop can make it much more challenging to even experienced riders.

There’s certainly no upper age limit for using paddleboards; the only requirement is that you’re a proficient enough swimmer in case you fall off!

Younger children will be best, initially, as passengers on your board while wearing a good-quality life jacket. However, with both supervision and suitably sized equipment, there’s nothing stopping them from having a go for themselves!

The most prominent benefit of an ISUP is their convenience in transporting to-and-from your favourite locations. Inflatables can easily fit inside any vehicle, or into the provided backpack if on foot or bicycle. Whilst, hard-body boards often require a vehicle with a roof rack or a large van for road transport.

Performance differences between high-quality inflatables and hard-body boards are minimal, and often just boils down to personal preference.

​In terms of storage, inflatables take up far less room than their hard-body counterparts.

A great aspect about paddleboarding is you can do it anywhere you can find a large enough body of water. Our boards are great for the sea, lakes, rivers & canals!

The amount of fins is dependent on what type of paddle boarding you intend to do. The ISUPs we provide have between 1 & 3 detachable fins.

0 fin – This setup is best used for paddling in shallow water where it could catch the bottom.

1 fin – Great for beginners as it grants a decent amount of stability whilst allowing for easy turning. We recommend using at least one fin because it helps to keep you in a straight line!

3 fins – This setup offers more stability, but it makes turning a bit trickier; ideal for paddleboarding on choppy seawater! Also, three fins allow for a higher top speed.

​P.S: Make sure to double-check that your fins are secure before hitting the water!

The board can be stored inflated for short periods of time, but make sure to release some of the air pressure before doing so!

For longer term storage, it is best to deflate the board, then loosely roll it up to allow some fresh airflow.

After paddling in saltwater, it is important to hose down the board with fresh water because the salt is corrosive to the seams over time. This is not necessary after use in freshwater (unless there’s any muddy residue on board).

Then, dry off the board with a towel and make sure it’s completely dry before packing it away. If you leave the board wet, bacteria can grow in the nooks and crannies and, again, damage the seams.

We include a detailed guide on maintenence with each board purchased.

Yes, as long as the combined total weight does not exceed the listed maximum weight for the board. In any case, when it comes to carrying extra people or pets, the bigger the board the better!

​If carrying a pet on an ISUP, ensure that your pet’s nails are trimmed and not super-sharp, because this could scratch the board.

We don’t offer a discount for multi-purchases because our prices are more than competitive. However, we will give you a free drybag, t-shirt or cap!

We have never had any feedback regarding punctures, but there’s a couple of things to avoid that will lower the chance of punctures even further:

First, do not ride the board all the way to the shoreline, as this is where small rocks and stones build-up from the tide.

Secondly, ensure there is enough depth in the water where you’re paddling so the board doesn’t catch any rocks that may be on the stream or sea bed.

No, we are an independent family run business based in Poole.

Our boards and accessories are all brand new and carry a warranty. All accessories carry a standard 12-month warranty, while most of our boards benefit from an extended 24-month warranty. Find more warranty information here.

Yes, we have delivered boards as far as New Zealand! We would need to calculate a cost for shipping depending on your location.

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